How to make cheese like the Dutch

If anyone were to name only one product that The Netherlands is famous for worldwide, chances are that person would say ‘cheese’. This Dutch dairy product is exported worldwide. In almost any Western country, it’s possible to stumble upon a chunk of Gouda, Beemster or Edam cheese. If you’ve ever tasted it, you’ll be spoiled for the rest of your life. There’s just no other cheese that even comes close. So, whoever produces anything that involves cheese making would be wise to turn to the Dutch for advice on the craft.

Knowledge in a machine

The Dutch cheese making tradition goes back hundreds of years. Farmers would milk their cows by hand. All processing, from raw milk to cheese wheel, was done by hand as well. We cannot give you the ancient recipes for making the traditional cheeses from The Netherlands, but you can profit from the Dutch knowledge and efficiency. You see, in the modern industrial age, the hand work has made way for dairy machinery and cheese making machines. These machines have been developed upon very specific knowledge on the Netherland’s dairy craft. So if you want to produce cheese like the Dutch, you now know what to invest in.

Cheesy business trip

Do you want to learn more about the Dutch cheese tradition? Then why not go on a cheesy business trip and experience it first hand! There’s many a cheese dedicated attraction in The Netherlands, such as the Alkmaar Cheese Museum and the Gouda Cheese Market. Go into any supermarket and find a wide variety of Dutch cheeses to try. And while you’re at it, go to a lunchroom and order a ‘tosti’ or a ‘kaassouflé’. Before long, you’ll become a ‘cheesehead*’ yourself!

*The Dutch are jokingly called ‘cheeseheads’ by neighbouring countries.

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